Emile Steenveld is a true thought provoking leader for the next generation of conscious humans and for those looking to tap deeply into their unique purpose.


He’s grounded, humble, real, and engaging and most of all EMBODIES PRESENCE. And he’s walked the walk. Emile started from the bottom of the emotional intelligence journey, and climbed to success as a coach after ditching his modelling career for a more fulfilling path.


He’s inspiring and honest about what it takes to succeed in life by peeling the layers of the onion to help you tap directly into your own source of genius, removing self limitations and road blocks of fear on the spot.


Emile has spoken globally on his teachings of presence, flow, emotional intelligence, living a valued directed existence and shares his unique authentic experiences of his own inner journey, growing up with a psychologist mother and a modern approach to mindset, flow, presence, and living an edgeless life. 

As well as speaking at others events, Emile is the co founder of Elevate; a unique self empowerment event for elevating your mindset and marketing held in Bali and around the world each year. These are sell out events for the millennial tribe ready to serve the world and reach their full potential.


With his fresh perspective, ability to warm and connect to audience immediately and humble integrity, Emile has the ability to see beyond what is holding your audience or business back and leaves audiences excited about the possibilities, confident in their potential, and prepared to become change-makers.

Gerard Adams

The Millennial Mentor

Founder Elite Daily

Alexis Panos

Founder Soul School, The Bridge Method, Author

Yahya Bakkar

Speaking Expert

Founder World Class Speakers


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