“What would you do if you only had 2yrs to live?”


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Your True Value & Self Worth

Leading up to our first live workshop, you will be spending some time getting to know yourself a little bit more. We will guide you through awareness exercises and how to mana


You will learn how your values are the foundation for everything in life, how to make space inside your mind. 

  • Access our community network
  • Access exclusive content and workbooks
  • Set yourself up for success



Becoming You

Our first live lesson is all about how to have daily focus, habits and consistency centered around who you need to be and what you value.

Learn how to identity time wasting habits and empower yourself with simple daily structures & consistency that guides your focus towards a life of freedom.

Access our live zoom class. 

Participate in a live visualisation.

Learn about responsibility vs blame

Gain a deeper understanding about emotional triggers and what we make things mean

Watch as Emile live coaches and transforms on the spot




Express Yourself

This powerful lesson will bring to your awareness the difference between confidence and trust and more importantly, how you can have both.


Improve your communication and relationship with intuition so that you can take aligned action. This week is about learning to take your power back.

  • Access our live zoom class. 
  • Participate in a live visualisation.
  • Learn how to trust yourself more
  • Start to identify your needs
  • Learn what betrayal really is
  • Begin to speak up for yourself and take your power back



Emotional Intelligence

This heart led lesson will guide you through discovering and releasing that 1 big thing that is standing in the way of you and freedom. This lesson will allow you to access healing and how to connect with the present moment.

Learn how to catch your thoughts and respond to life rather than react so that you can experience true fulfillment even when life deals you the lemons.



Wealth Mindset

This lesson is all about how to heal and work with money as if it was your best friend.


We will show you how to create from an inspired state and not let rejection get in your way of success.




Take Aligned Action

In our last zoom together we will celebrate, acknowledge and integrate what we have experienced over the past 30 days. 


We will show you how to dive deeper into your message, your why and your true purpose so that you can find your soul tribe and reach deeper levels of fulfillment.

  • Integrate the learning
  • Commit to our new ways of being
  • Learn about enrolment
  • Create action plans


Please allow yourself time to complete the prework, you will need at least half a day to go through the content and register. 


Payment plan available: Must be paid in full prior to starting date. 


2Y2 Live 30 Day Challenge

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  • 12th May 2021




Emile Steenveld is an

Emotional Intelligence Coach & Deep Transformational Speaker

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