2Y2Live 30 Day Method
Inspired by the true story of Diana Burgess
What Would You Do if You Were Told You Only 
Have 2 Years 2 Live?


The next 30 days will change the way you see everything about yourself, your life and what you are capable of creating.

People come from all over the world to be a part of Emile's teams live on the spot DEEP TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING. Now you can experience it without even having to leave your lounge room.

Those who take this powerful training often feel:

1. That they are hiding behind stories and excuses

2. They are procrastinating, holding back and limiting their true potential

3. They are not showing up as their authentic selves in life or business because of fear of rejection rather than being their authentic selves

4. They've never been taught the tools of self compassion or inner awareness/calm in a way they can understand and utilise

5. They are caught in their mind rather than living presently in a state of play and creativity

6. They are living based on goals and to do's rather than tapping into the inner compass of their value system

7. They know the direction they want to take but don't have a clear vision and pathway

8. They are living an external life rather than creating their life from the inside out

9. They don't realise how truly unique and powerful they are

IS THIS you?

Combining the art of deep presence and transformation, Emotional Intelligence Coach Emile Steenveld has created a team of coaches, teachers, mentors and healers so that together they can support their students move past dis-empowering thoughts and behaviors so that they can live a fully expressed life of fulfillment & laughter. 

 Welcome to 2Y2Live

In this powerful interactive 30 day movement, we will help you identify and remove the illusions that have been keeping you from being happy, right now.


In addition to LIVE COACHING and interactive exercises, watch our team of coaches as they work one-on-one with students on specific issues like fear, money, self loathing, low self-esteem, guilt. anger, loneliness, speaking up and healing childhood pains and resentments allowing them to become the best version of themselves in record time

30 Days Of Powerful LIVE Coaching

Over 10 Hrs of Powerful Coaching Classes & Interactive Group Coaching


Join The Community

Experience everything as it happened LIVE and JOIN our private online community.

A Fully Supported Process

Live Coaching Q & A Calls 

to dive deeper into his teachings and be coached.


Throughout this series, you will:

>  Learn to embrace your fears and move through them effortlessly

>  Close loops and clean up the mess 

Release old limiting beliefs and habits that inhibit you from shining

Stop struggling and start playing presently in every moment, being uniquely you

>  Create a new vision for your life based on possibility instead of your past limitations

>  Begin creating freedom on your terms, through full self expression by following your passions and living by your value system




This online event puts you in the room with a personalized audience just like you - who are where you are right now.


You will all go on a journey together learning to break out of the cycle of past limitations and step up into your unrealised potential — while having a whole lot of fun for 30 days.

As you finish each of the 5 empowering parts of this series, you’ll find a new level of awareness that will allow you to ask for and go after what you truly want In life and be inspired by your true purpose. 







Find Alignment & Speak Your Truth

This week you will get to know who you truly are by discovering how to be in alignment with your authentic truth.

Discover your inner compass and learn how to action alignment so that you know who you are, what you stand for and how to show up in life authentically.


 Build Your Inner Confidence & Release Fears

Understand how past experiences impact you and learn how to isolate dis-empowering fears and beliefs. Take action to face these fears and let them go so that you can so that you can live in the present moment and take actions towards your vision. 


Healing Money Fears & Manifesting Support

Rewire your relationship with money and allow support to show up in your life so that you can impact more lives and get up and live! Start to narrow down on your vision, your message and your mission.


Manage Your Attention & Create Consistent Results

Choose to respond over reacting and lift your vibrations, manage your attention & create consistent results.

Learn how to identity time wasting habits and empower yourself with simple daily structures & consistency that guides your focus towards the outcomes you are seeking.

Learn how to catch your thoughts and respond to life rather than react so that you can experience true fulfillment even when life deals you the lemons.


Heal Past Relationships

Heal past relationships & Improve Income & Intimacy. Take your power back.

Learn the power of presence and the art of being with yourself, seeing yourself, hearing yourself and beginning to understand your uniqueness so that you can forgive yourself and those around you and move forward with love.


Create Clear Communication & Take Aligned Action

Improve your communication so that you can take aligned action & become magnetically enrolling. Understand the power of questions & clear communication so that you make money moves, enroll others in your mission and serve from a place of love and inspiration.




In this 30 Day Movement

you will Experience:

>  A newfound confidence to express the things you usually suppress
> An awareness of what emotions you are actually feeling and what to do with this energy
> An understanding of how your childhood has shaped you into who you are and how you can take responsibility for who you will become.
>  Internal shifts that allow you to see possibility and opportunity all around you
>  Feelings of acceptance and self love that you didn’t know were possible
>  A new perspective on failure and regrets
>  Release of stored emotions and barriers to love
>  Clarity about your purpose here on earth

Fear Vs Self Acceptance

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