Experiencing a breakdown and looking for extra support NOW


looking to continue the learnings after the program finishes?


We have 2 offers for you today.

Offer 1 - Urgent coaching session with a 48 hour turnaround time

Offer 2 - 4 Session bespoke coaching tailored to strengthen the learnings from the 2Y2 live program 

This exclusive offer is for participants of the 2y2 live program and is valid until 30 June 2021 
* application only



This is for you if you are looking for any of the following:


personalized action plan for the next 3-6 months so that you stay on track to achieve your goals

A deeper understanding and practical ideas for putting your personal values into action on a daily basis

Support fleshing out your vision and allowing your life's purpose to shine through

Support tuning into self-trust and intuition so that you can be more confident

Facilitation through forgiveness process to allow more peace into your life

Closing loops and making space

Accountability to complete things you agreed to complete

Support to integrate the learnings into your life


A one off support session to hold space and coach you through your breakdown, whilst you are in breakdown. 

These sessions can be booked any time up to the 20th and June 2021.

The session is based on the support needed not time based. You can expect 30 to 90 minutes roughly.

This is for you if you:

Don't quite know how to get through the day.

Have something big that you would like support to work through, release or embody.

Feel yourself losing yourself.

Want to play a bigger game.


Choose your coach. Spaces are limited and coaching must be completed by 20 August 2021

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Emile is known as an emotional intelligence coach who takes his clients into the moments that disempowering agreements were made and leads them through a process of healing and letting them go so that they can create new long-lasting habits and outcomes.

He gently guides people through their emotions and teaches people how to allow emotions, how to respond instead of react, how to have boundaries, and how to truly value themselves for all that they are, have been and will become.

He has been coaching individuals for close to a decade now and people come to Emile to learn how to be present, how to listen and how to love.

​Emile was a highly successful fashion model who has featured in Hugo Boss, Versace, Nike, Calvin Klein, Apple and more and realised that he was not fulfilled in this lifestyle and his true fulfillment came from showing other people how to trust themselves and build confidence.

​His strategies and tools in Emotional Intelligence, Self Transformation, Mindfulness, Timeline Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy have helped thousands worldwide.

​Emile has influenced the masses through his Momentum Programs, Elevate Events, Fear to Flow Programs and supported individuals and corporate CEO’s on their path to greatness.

Packages start from $13,000 USD

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Energy In Motion Mentor Specializing In Relationship Dynamics


April Offers Package Coaching By Application Only - Urgent Coaching Requires No Application

Whether you are looking for support to let go of a disempowering relationship, creating new habits, setting healthy boundaries, improving communication, or mentoring while you step up in your own healing modalities, I will guide you through to new perspectives that free your mind.


Hi, I am April Broomhead, a new age transformation coach, light leader, healer & spiritual guide who supports people through healing, coaching & mentoring.

I specialize in showing people how to use their emotions as a power rather than pain so that parents can stop suffering from mum guilt and children can feel like they are accepted and belong.


Without safe environments, we can not prevent the darkness.


I use my diverse range of skills to create safe spaces, whether I am leading or working the unseen, I will always be catching the tiny details and using reiki and various forms of energy healing to guide time and space.

I believe I came to earth to prevent abuse by facilitating people to close the gap between the unconscious and the conscious home.


Empowerment Coaching Package

(4) 60-minute Zoom Sessions spaced over 4 weeks

WhatsApp Support

$899 Application process


$129 usd

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Tatjana Offers Package Coaching By Application Only - Urgent Coaching Requires No Application

Tatjana is a mindfulness and holistic well-being coach who supports her clients in rediscovering their authentic selves and creating pathways to live passionate and purposeful lives.

Tatjana dedicates her life to showing people that there is another way of living, a way filled with true happiness, and inner peace once we choose to listen within, learn to love and accept ourselves, and act based on our values and beliefs.

Tatjana uses her 10 years of coaching and people management experience as well as intuition and passion for human psychology (logotherapy, ikigai, and more) to guide her clients on their path. Passionate about women (and men) empowerment, relationship with self, self-worth/self-love, confidence, and holistic health/mindfulness. Coaching to deal with anxiety/ depression, courage/confidence,
grounding and stillness and balance between mind body and soul.

Tatjana believes being out of alignment with self is what causes people to feel low. Having experienced this herself and following her own personal transformation journey, Tatjana’s true passion lies in supporting people to understand and trust in their own power and strength and find the courage and freedom to life live on their terms.


Holistic Coaching Package

(4) 60 minute Zoom Sessions spaced over 4 weeks

$799 Application process


$129 usd


Quoted prices on the website are valid only whilst displayed and are subject to change. On application, pricing will be honored for 7 days after application acceptance only. Normal terms and conditions apply. No refunds. Fully payment upfront. For further questions, please contact shinta@emilesteenveld.com